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Welcome to Megaman Flash Games! Here we do our best to show you the best Megaman flash games online. Relive the oldskool Nintendo days from behind your screen and one thing is still for sure: this blue man still packs a powerful cannon blast. Most games consist out of Megaman sprites and the movement is just as easy as in the original Megaman games. Note that is not associated in any way with Capcomę. These awesome online games will keep you entertained for a quite some time, so load up and start shooting!

Megaman Flash Games

GAME - Megaman Zero Alpha

Awesome extensive Megaman flash game with perfect and smooth game play! This feels just like the real thing thanks to the big detailed levels. Blast your way through enemies with single bursts or by charging the cannon. To make it even better, you can select your own key combinations for good custom game play. Collect items and make it through all the levels in this superb Megaman game, go for it!

Play - Megaman Zero Alpha

Click to play - Megaman Zero Alpha!

GAME - Megaman Project X

Project X is a neat Magaman flash game and challenges one to jump and aim like a pro. Cool sprite graphics and plenty of enemies to blast in to pieces. Use the arrow keys to move around and hold shoot to charge the cannon. Enjoy the smooth game play and guide Megaman to his goal!

Play - Megaman Project X

Click to play - Megaman Project X!

GAME - Rocketman Zero: Rocket Fighter

Rocket Fighter is a different type of Megaman game. Instead of running and jumping around you fly high in the sky! You can choose from different characters like Zero, Harpuia, Fefnir en Phantom. The battle rages in the air, use different types of weapons to defeat your enemies and don't forget to use the specials! Use the wasd keys to move around. The sky is the limit in this action packed flash game!

Play - Rocketman Zero: Rocket Fighter

Click to play - Rocketman Zero: Rocket Fighter!

GAME - Megaman Zero

Zero is on a mission and is determined to defeat Megaman in this intense flash game! With his mighty sword he slices through his powerful enemies who constantly blast him with energy balls. Get yourself together before entering this world of hurt because it is going to get ugly. This game requires all your skill and dexterity. Good luck!

Play - Megaman Zero

Click to play - Megaman Zero!

GAME - Fireman: Incoming Storm

Fireman is taking some of Megaman's shine but he has to. Duty calls for him and enemies need to be burned to crisps in this Megaman spinoff. Another fine flash game making use of quality sprites and action. Jump, shoot and slide to get through the levels filled with enemies who re-spawn to make sure Fireman uses his unlimited ammo. Burn baby burn!

Play - Fireman: Incoming Storm

Click to play - Fireman: Incoming Storm!